Clos du Bailly

The Domaine

The Domaine, a family story

Our vineyard covers 26 hectares between the villages of Remoulins, Fournès and Saint Hilaire d’Ozilhan on A.O.P. Côtes du Rhône and I.G.P. Coteaux du Pont du Gard appellations. The winery was born from the transmission of wine making, a family passion since 1779.



We make wines expressing all the character of our region, the southern Rhone Valley.
The climate is dry, warm and windy. The soils are made of pebbles, clay, limestone and old Rhône river beds.



We believe that you only make great wines with great grapes. Therefore, we take care of our vines all year round.
Each step is important, from the winter vine pruning to the spring ploughing to reach the most waited for moment: the summer grapes harvest.



Vinified on site in the purest tradition, our wines are elaborated slowly in the darkness and silence of our cellars.
All stages of winemaking to bottling are made with passion at the Domaine.



Our estate is part of independent winemakers’ network. This network gathers winegrowers who from the plot of vine to the sale assure all stages of the wine. As local food enthusiasts, independent winegrowers like to meet wine amateurs whether at their winery, their local wine shops or during wine fairs.